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Inspiration from our Kitchen
  • White beans vegetarian recipe with butternut squash

    This healthy white beans vegetarian recipe with butternut squash is perfect for the chillest days of spring time. This is a dish to prepare with passion and time. It's perfect for all the family. Isabel, our CEO, Cuisine Executive Officer, is in Spain and she is missing warm Miami. Low temperatures made her sending this delicious veggie recipe from Madrid. Now it's perfect time to prepare it.

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  • White asparagus with cinnamon vinaigrette

    If you never experienced the delicacy and tenderness of the white asparagus from Navarra, this recipe is the perfect way to do it. The sweet touch of the cinnamon vinaigrette enhances the amazing texture of this vegetable treasure from the North of Spain. This recipe only takes a few minutes to prepare and will take you ages to stop dreaming with this combination of flavors.

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  • Wines of Rias Baixas, Spain

    Located in the far northwest corner of Spain, Galicia seems to be world away from the rest of the Country. Surrounded by water, the coastlines of Galicia are jagged with low valleys, breath-taking cliffs and untouched nature, much like the coastlines often seen in Ireland.

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  • How to lose weight with Iberico ham

    Losing 10 pounds in one week with a diet based on Iberico ham and red wine is possible. Possible and also encouraging. Rubén Bravo, a Spanish doctor from Instituto Médico Europeo de la Obesidad, has developed a varied diet where Iberico and red wine are consumed daily. Forget about boring diets, this one doesn't interfere with your social life. Do it in the Mediterranean way: have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner as a beggar. Learn how to lose weight with Iberico ham.

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