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  • Fideua recipe: paella made with noodles?

    If you're thinking about diving deeper in your paella knowledge, you should start putting that rice bag apart. You've already tried all kind of paellas, so now you're ready to go to the next level. Again, put that rice bag apart and substitute it with noodles. Seriously? Yes. It's time to learn how to prepare a paella (kind of) with Vermicelli. Here you are a delicious fideua recipe.

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  • Best Spanish cookbooks for beginners

    Well, America, it's time to learn that for us, Spaniards, tortilla is something you want to do with potato and eggs, not a type of bread to fill in. Some American friends ask me which are the best Spanish cookbooks for beginners. I've made this selection for you, because it's time to learn that you're better not going for frijoles in your next trip to Spain.

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  • Come and drink it all: best wine tours in Spain

    Did you know that Spain is the 3rd largest wine producer in the world? Wine is a big part of our culture and still is a little unkown among foreign visitors. Less than 20% of people going on a wine vacation come from abroad. So if you're thinking about a different experience, something less crowded and with deep roots in Spanish idiosyncrasy, let me encourage you to meet the best wine tours in Spain.

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  • Fallas: how do Spanish fiestas taste like?

    Spaniards love March for two reasons: Spring is coming and Fallas are happening. Fallas are the official fiesta of Valencia and probably the best fire work fiesta in the world. One of the most important fiestas in the whole country, where giant papier-maché figures (ninots) representing real characters are burnt with critical intention. It's time to denounce, to laugh about ourselves, have fun, and of course, enjoy the amazing Mediterranean gastronomy.

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  • How to survive Mexico: Spanish restaurants in Arizona

    You got your tickets for Superbowl 2015 or your grandma is turning 90 years. No matters what. You're traveling to Glendale, AZ. And you're already scared thinking about the overdose of tacos and burritos. Lost in The Valley of the Sun. In the Sonoran desert. Is there any hope for someone who wants scape to Mexican food there? I would say yes. There are some Spanish restaurants in Arizona trying to keep all the tradition alive. Bravo.

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