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Inspiration from our Kitchen
  • 5 tips to enjoy Spanish ham properly

    As a Spaniard, the pleasure of sharing a good Spanish ham with family and friends in Christmas is priceless. For us, jamon is more than a food, is part of our culture of enjoying life. If you are ready to experience the Spanish way of celebrating these Holidays, let me give you some useful directions to do it "como Dios manda". Here you are 5 tips to enjoy Spanish ham the right way.

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  • Christmas roast lamb from Spain

    Many Americans think of lamb as a spring time food, but Christmas roast lamb is big part of the Holidays tradition in many homes in Spain. It's succulent and tender because it's made with young lamb (called lechal). It might be seasoned in different ways. My mom, for example, always made it Burgos style (Burgos is a city up in the north, famous for its Gothic Cathedral, morcilla, and of course, roasted meats).

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  • Understanding Iberico ham and Iberico de Bellota

    When it's time to buy a good ham, you should know what you are paying for. Iberico ham and Iberico de Bellota sound pretty similar but they are not the same. It's important to know what to expect from each one.

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  • Turron, polvorones and mantecados, the best Holiday sweets from Spain

    Spain has a large tradition of Holiday sweets. Inspired by the Moorish tradition, Holiday sweets from Spain are rich in almonds and orange blossom. Generation after generation, the sweet makers have kept the unique way of manufacturing that make them so special. Turron, polvorones and mantecados are still made based on traditional methods, in which supervision of all the process is strictly required. The selection of the best ingredients, the respect of the tradition and the unique packaging make this Holiday sweets the perfect treat.

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  • Pablo Garrigos, when Spanish turron is a family matter

    There's no excuse.  We can help you if you are looking for a good Spanish turron: Jijona, Alicante, yema, chocolate con Macadamia... Some years ago it could be difficult to get Spanish turron in the US, but with online sales this doesn't happen anymore. We choose Pablo Garrigos not only because we love their 1st quality products, also because is a family company. And we are really into family companies! Last year, Pablo Garrigos celebrated his 25th anniversary. 4 generations of turron makers who still work with the same passion and dedication than the beginning.

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