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Inspiration from our Kitchen
  • Manuela's lentils recipe: kids love it

    Isabel, our CEO (Cuisine Executive Officer), is looking for more inspiration in Spain these days. She's getting breaking ideas for the upcoming Holiday season. A busy one for our catering service. In the meanwhile, she's working hard on Manuela's lentils recipe. Manuela is her grandaughter and she only likes her grandma's lentils. Even when her mom follows the recipe. It's one of our family's misteries. Anyway, the thing is kids love this vegan recipe. I can tell, because my kids also prefer las lentejas de la tía Isabel rather than mine.

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  • Spanish tapas at home, easy dinner

    Tired of Thai, Chinese, sushi, pizza, calzone? Don't know what else order for dinner? Let's go Spanish. Spanish tapas are a healthy and quick alternative. In 5 minutes you get a different dinner. They are perfect for weekends and gatherings, too. Perfect appetizers with friends and family. Everybody loves them.

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  • Carving ham without trying it: an amazing real story

    Carving ham without trying it? Sounds, as far I can imagine, as a real torture. Feeling the aroma, the delicate texture of the slices, the marbled fat veins... Is it possible to touch something like this without luxurious wishes? The answer is yes. At least for Karim, a young carving master from Morocco, who never ever has tried ham despite of cutting it like anyone else. Continue reading

  • Spanish inmigrants in the US, tradition keepers

    When we talk about Spanish inmigrants in the US we talk about a big, deep part of our history. Spanish inmigrants not only have been great tradition keepers, they also silently contribuited to build the grandeur of this country. Only in the fifty-year period between 1880 and 1930, around 4 million Spaniards came to "try the Americas". And the voyage is not over. Last year, 260.000 people left Spain.

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  • 5 Spanish foods to be healthier

    5 Spanish foods is an easy way to make the list short, because as you've heard thousands of times, Mediterranean diet has endless benefits. And it's true, it's not only about the way of life, also about the quality of the food. We support small farmers, who work in a sustainable way with the animals and the environment. We prefer seasonal products, as well and we try to go local (this point is quite difficult with an ocean between, though).

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