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Inspiration from our Kitchen
  • A light recipe to keep your weight off these Holidays

    Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sound good. And taste even better. Don't worry about the scale, the secret is eating healthy between excess and excess. Spanish food have a lot of natural products that can help you to be in shape: olive oil, Iberico ham, artichokes, asparagus... Today I'm gonna give you a light recipe to keep your weight off these Holidays.

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  • Manuela's lentils recipe: kids love it

    Isabel, our CEO (Cuisine Executive Officer), is looking for more inspiration in Spain these days. She's getting breaking ideas for the upcoming Holiday season. A busy one for our catering service. In the meanwhile, she's working hard on Manuela's lentils recipe. Manuela is her grandaughter and she only likes her grandma's lentils. Even when her mom follows the recipe. It's one of our family's misteries. Anyway, the thing is kids love this vegan recipe. I can tell, because my kids also prefer las lentejas de la tía Isabel rather than mine.

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  • 8 tips for a safe Thanksgiving meal

    All of us should have in mind these easy 8 tips for a safe Thanksgiving meal. They are simple steps we should follow to avoid any food intoxication. Always keep in mind hygienic habits to manipulate food and leftovers. Common sense will help to enjoy safely this delicious food.

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  • 5 reasons to remember your dining experience in Spain

    If you've already been there, you know why. If you are a freshman, relax, show time will start as soon you'll take a seat in a Spanish restaurant. Can't travel to Spain right now? Try the closest Spanish restaurant in town. It also works to learn how they are at least 5 reasons to remember your dining experience in Spain.

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  • Why olive oil is supposed to be that good?

    Olive oil is supposed to be good, well, in fact is already proved that is really good to your health. Did you know that America is the third consumer of olive oil in the world? Yes, there is an increasing number of Americans going Mediterranean, and we love it. Mediterranean diet is linked to longevity and lower rates of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. But what is the secret? Continue reading