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  • Fideua recipe: paella made with noodles?

    If you're thinking about diving deeper in your paella knowledge, you should start putting that rice bag apart. You've already tried all kind of paellas, so now you're ready to go to the next level. Again, put that rice bag apart and substitute it with noodles. Seriously? Yes. It's time to learn how to prepare a paella (kind of) with Vermicelli. Here you are a delicious fideua recipe.

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  • Best Spanish cookbooks for beginners

    Well, America, it's time to learn that for us, Spaniards, tortilla is something you want to do with potato and eggs, not a type of bread to fill in. Some American friends ask me which are the best Spanish cookbooks for beginners. I've made this selection for you, because it's time to learn that you're better not going for frijoles in your next trip to Spain.

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  • 5 Fun Facts about Spanish Food

    These 5 Fun Facts about Spanish Food are only a little proof about how much this people love food. If you are familiar to the culture, you already know that el bar de la esquina is the place where you share your happy & sad moments (your daily moments, basically); la tortilla de mamá is that incredible potato omelette that nobody else in the worlds can nail like mom; el jamoncito bueno is the amazing Iberico ham and el pan de untar, the crunchy, fresh bread that we daily buy to dip into wonderful sauces or turn into great sandwiches.

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  • Celebrating Mothers Day through food

    Mothers Day has a different date in Spain. We always celebrate it the first Sunday of May. But the purpose is the same, honor our moms, the ones and only who teach you all the important things in this life. Like loving food. There's no tortilla or lentejas like your mom's. Neither paella. Your mom will always be the best cook in the world. So, definitely, there's no best way for us than celebrating Mothers Day through food.

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  • Come and drink it all: best wine tours in Spain

    Did you know that Spain is the 3rd largest wine producer in the world? Wine is a big part of our culture and still is a little unkown among foreign visitors. Less than 20% of people going on a wine vacation come from abroad. So if you're thinking about a different experience, something less crowded and with deep roots in Spanish idiosyncrasy, let me encourage you to meet the best wine tours in Spain.

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