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Inspiration from our Kitchen
  • Turron ice-cream, one of the easiest Spanish dessert recipes

    New Year's Eve is around the corner, so you'll probably have people hanging around your place these days. Give that people something they deserve and above all, something easy to prepare. Turron ice-cream is a great "end of party" and one of the easiest Spanish dessert recipes. Turron is our national nougat and we'll use the Jijona type for this recipe.

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  • Last minute Thanksgiving appetizers: 3 easy ideas with a Mediterranean touch

    Let me give you 3 easy ideas for last minute Thanksgiving appetizers. Banderillas, watermelon chunks with goat cheese and mussels cream toast. These are the suggestions that Isabel, our CEO (Cuisine Executive Officer), wants to share with you. Give some Mediterranean touch to the most American meal. Does it sound a bit outrageous? Maybe, but I know everybody will love them.

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  • Thanksgiving around the world

    For Spaniards, the fourth Thursday of November just means another day in the office, cold, darkness, probably rain or even snow depending on what part of the country you are. It's true that every year more and more retailers celebrate Black Friday, but nobody has imported the delicious turkey yet. But Spain is just a small country in the corner of Europe, and there are many other places in the rest of the planet where Thanksgiving is celebrated. Let's take a look at Thanksgiving around the world. Where and when is celebrated.

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  • Carmen and Lola with the Miami Recent Cinema from Spain

    Miami Recent Cinema from Spain Film Festival is back and we love it. This year, Carmen and Lola is one of their proud supporting sponsors. Tonight, Nov. 19th is the grand opening night in the beautiful Olympia Theater. Red carpet at 6.30 and movie at 7: "Wednesdays don't exist", a romantic comedy musical with Eduardo Noriega, William Miller, Inma Cuesta, María León and more well-known faces from Spanish cinema.

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  • Our selection of best latin food blogs

    First of all, Spanish and Latin food are not the same. They can interact and influence each other, but their basis are totally different. Yes, Spanish food comes from Spain, all the way accross the pond and to make it simple, I would say that its soul is in the quality of the ingredients, garlic and olive oil. On the other hand, Latin food is something more complex. Those salsas and spices are not part of the culinary tradition of Spain. It's an ambitious vast concept to put together all the delicious cuisines from Central and South America. From Cuba to Mexico, from Peru to Argentina, Colombia, Chile... Different styles, but all amazing. Great thing about globalization? They coexist and they play together and we, foodies, love that. So why don't you start with our selection of best latin food blogs?

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