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  • Spanish tapas at home, easy dinner

    Tired of Thai, Chinese, sushi, pizza, calzone? Don't know what else order for dinner? Let's go Spanish. Spanish tapas are a healthy and quick alternative. In 5 minutes you get a different dinner. They are perfect for weekends and gatherings, too. Perfect appetizers with friends and family. Everybody loves them.

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  • Artichokes with vegetable sauce

    Artichokes with vegetable sauce is a traditional recipe that Isabel, our CEO (Cuisine Executive Officer), learned from her mother. It's a family dish, with a nice Spanish touch thanks to the tomato and the pepper. I read once that tomato and red pepper are the most consumed vegetables in Spain. Probably. 

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  • 5 unbelievable things you'll do in a Spanish bar

    Have you ever been in a real Spanish bar? How did you feel about it? Bars in Spain are about drinking, eating, sharing and living. You could feel overwhelmed by this authentic social experience: loud voices, loud laughs, loud discussions, drink, food, more food, more drink... A famous song says that there are more bars in Antón Martin (center of Madrid) that in whole Norway. And it's probably true. You barely tell that you know our country without experiencing these 5 unbelievable things you'll do in a Spanish bar.

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  • 5 good reasons for eating an Iberico Ham Sandwich

    Probably the best sandwich in the world is made only with bread, tomato, olive oil and Iberico ham. Menos es más. Simple things are the best.  Juicy, with a little touch of salty, there's no people on Earth who don't like it. So next time you start filling bread with tons of ingredients, think about it. Because there are 5 good reasons for eating an Iberico Ham Sandwich. You don't need more.

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  • Bocaito Miami, a small tasty bite of Spain in Coral Way

    Bocaito means small bite in Spanish. Dar un bocaito will be something really pleasant in Bocaito Miami, this restaurant located in Coral Way. Winner of Best Tapas by Miami New Times in 2011, the decoration and flavors will transport you to Spain in a blink of an eye. Antonio Huertas is his chef, 22 years working in Spanish food, he came to the US 2 years ago.

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