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Sliced Serrano and Prosciutto di Parma Pack

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Pack with 3 oz. of Serrano Ham and 4 oz. of Parma Ham

Taste and compare the two most famous hams in the World in this affordable pack
Serrano has a drier and more intense flavor while Parma is sweeter and less cured
Both hams are 100% Natural with no additives or nitrates. Just pork meat and salt
Cut in extra thin slices and vacuum packed for freshness
Serrano has a drier and more intense flavor while Parma is sweeter and less cured
Both are DOP Hams imported from Spain and Italy
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Try in this unique and affordable pack the two most well known hams in the World and choose your favourite. This pack includes one package of 4 oz. of sliced Serrano ham cured for 12 months and one package of 4 oz. sliced Parma Ham cured for 14 months. Both 100% Natural with no additives or preservatives added. Just Pork meat and salt. This Jamon Serrano is a well-balanced, quality product at a great price and the best thing is that is freshly cut and packaged. It is produced in Spain, in the mountains of Teruel region. A dry climate like that is indispensable for the Serrano aging. Cured for more than 12 months, this piece mantains all the flavor and incomparable aroma of Spanish most popular ham. Lower salt content makes it a healthier alternative to traditional deli counter ham. Always serve at a room temperature, with good bread. Pairs great with any Spanish red wine. Italy is world famous for its salted and air-dried prosciutto crudo. Parma is probably the best and most demmanded DOP. Parma ham is as sweet as possible because producers only cured the dry meat with salt. No nitrates, additives or preservatives are allowed by the Consorzio. The rules are stricted in order to produce a first-quality natural Italian product. Parma is in North Central Italy and it´s the same where Parmigiano cheese is produced. Here the prosciutto is made since Roman times. The word prosciutto comes from the Latin "perexsuctum", which means dried. Only best pork breeds in the region are used to produce this ham: Large White, Landrance and Duroc. The Parma region’s air and humidity levels are ideal for drying and curing these hams, which makes their flesh very mild and sweet. Serving Suggestions: serve thin slices at room temperature. Serve as appetizer, with cheese and bread. Wrap figs or melon cubes. Use it for flavor pasta or rice dishes, on top of crusting bread or pizzas. Prepare a win win platter with Serrano ham and compare their different aromas. Possibilities are endless.

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Additional Info

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