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Paella spices: bigger than ever!

Time to talk about one of the essential ingredients for your paella: spices!

In case you don’t know why do you need then in your paella and what are they, here’s a simple definition: a spice is a seed, fruit, root, bark, or other plant substance primarily for flavoring, coloring or preserving food. Spices are distinguished from herbs, leaves, flowers, or stems from plants used for flavoring or as a garnish. Sometimes, spices may be ground into a powder for convenience.

Now that you know more about the topic, you should know the importance of them for your meals. For example, imagine a Spanish paella without its peculiar yellow collor or smell. Different meals have a better taste and flavor if you add spices to them.

As we know you’re going to be obsessed with these spices and you’ll be using them a lot, we decided to have our essential spices, but bigger! Yes, you’re reading well, they’re bigger!

And, in case you’ve forgotten what we have on our website, well, here you have our especial spices:Smoked Mild Parika 16oz

-Smoked mild and hot paprika: The smoked pimenton spices are for quick cooking dishes like omelettes, mash potatoes, meats, tomato pasta. Its particular red color adds personality to white soft cheeses, soups, or different sauces made with mayonnaise or cream. And yes, they’re popular in Spain.Smoked Hot Paprika Bulk

-Saffron: saffron threads from La Mancha the original place where saffron comes from. Mix it with pimenton or paprika and use it in all your paella and rice dishes. Add a few more spices like thyme, black pepperr and cloves and then you'll have in one single bottle, all together, every single spice you need to cook the perfect paella in our amazing paella seasoning.

Paella seasoning 16 oz-Paella Coloring: This adds the perfect touch to all your Spanish rice dishes. Mix it with paprika and saffron to get a real Spanish paella recipe.Paella coloring bulk

These are the basics, but we have more! Visit our website and check them out, select your favorite (or all of them if you want to have the greatest experience cooking with them) and make and exquisite meal with it!

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