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Nora peppers. The magic touch for your paella!

A secret paella ingredient?

Some dishes like Spanish paella contain many ingredients... But, this time have for you some peppers that perhaps are not so famous, but they are as important as the rice to the Paella! We are talking about the Ñora or Nora peppers. Do you know what they are? ……Well, we invite you to find out a little deeper about their history and how to use or prepare them with other Spanish meals. Perhaps you did not know how and why these rich peppers were included.

What are ‘Ñora’ or Noras peppers?

The Noras are a kind of round-shape pepper. Its color is intense red when mature, bright red colored when dried to the sun. It tastes sweet, intense and penetrating, while not spicy. It’s also half-meaty and a very seeded texture inside.


 Once upon a time…

‘Ñoras’ peppers are originally from the Valencian Region of Guardamar in Spain. This typical Spanish ingredient owes its name to a town called "La Ñora", in the province of Murcia.

In a monastery near the town, some Hieronymite monks planted some of the first peppers from America in the late XVth century. They noticed that drying the peppers in the sun led to a product which didn't spoil easily and gave great flavor to their cooking!

So… How can I use my ‘Noras’?

Nora peppers are often used to season sausages and add flavor to rice dishes such as paella. They are a common ingredient in savory romesco sauce; which often accompanies sautéed or grilled seafood and vegetables. Other recipes that use ‘Ñora’ peppers are smoky mashed potatoes and crab cakes. Octopus Ceviche with Nora Peppers is an entree served in many restaurants.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Well, let us tell you… You can get free Noras with any rice purchase!... That’s right!


Choose between Calasparra or Bomba rice and add your Paella an exquisite magic touch!

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