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New Spanish Rice to make an exquisite Paella!

Thinking about making paella these days? Well, we have some exciting news! Now, you will be able to pick the best rice to make a delicious paella. The only thing you have to do is to visit our website and take a look at them, just pick your favorite.

IArroz Bomba Montsia 1f you’re wondering what else is new, read on because we’ll be giving all the details you need to know about each  product.Delta del Ebro rice 2.2 lb (1)

Let’s start:

Montsia Paella Extra Rice 11 Lbs: This new rice is perfect for paellas and salads. It’s also great as a side dish for meats and fishes. And the best part of it all is that it works perfectly on rice-based desserts! So, if you’re interested in making more than a simple paella, this rice is perfect for it. And, hey! This one is also used in the high cuisine!

Bomba Rice by Montsia: This exquisite product is imported straight from Spain. Every time you make paella with this Bomba rice, you’d have an excellent result, why’s that? Because it retains its body while absorbing three time its volume in liquid. It also expands in width rather than length.Delta del Ebro rice 2.2 lb (2)

Montsia Paella Extra Rice 2.2 Lbs. This rice is used in the high cuisine, why are you hesitating? No matter how you pair this rice, the taste it brings to your meal is unique!

If you’re not in the mood of making paella, how about experimenting with Arroz a la cubana or Arroz con leche? You can make them with our excellent new products!

What are you waiting for? Go and visit our website for more!

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