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Fried Manchego cheese recipes

What does Manchego cheese taste like?

Always good, but you should put fried Manchego cheese recipes in your "to do" list.

Fried Manchego is a quick and delicious snack that everybody loves. You will find it in many bars across Spain, especially in La Mancha region, where this sheep cheese comes from. Here you'll find some ideas to do it at home.

Tip #1- If you are planning to prepare a cheese platter with fried Manchego, you should go for a young one, aged only between 3-6 months. Older Manchego has a strong flavor and we don´t need that type of complexity for these recipes.

Tip #2- Choose between small triangles or cut it into one and a half inch cubes before coating them with plain flour, eggs and bread crumbs. You could use a bamboo skewer. This would make the friying process easier, all inspired by the Kushiage Japanese technique.

Tip#3- Panko bread crumbs are great for fried Manchego cheese recipes. They make Manchego crisp and golden, simply delicious.

Tip#4- Deep fry and drain well with kitchen towel paper. At this point you are probably wondering about the best type of oil to fry a sheep's milk cheese like this. We love olive oil, of course, but you also can use any other one that keeps stable with high temperatures. Go for canola or avocado, both are rich in saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, like olive oil. This means that they are good enough for deep frying. You also can check out this infographics we found on Pinterest.

cooking oils

Tip#5- Think about what you will serve with your Manchego cheese. Some ideas for that: drizzle with any type of light honey and dust with paprika, or choose a natural jam to dip in. Tomato or fig are really good matches but if you prefer strawberry or any other flavor, try it. You'll be surprised with the result!

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