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How to choose a perfect paella pan in only 4 steps

Choosing the right Spanish paella pan is easy if you think of your needs before purchase any paella kit.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

#1-What type of heat shall I use?

#2-Shall I cook any other rice dishes?

#3-How much money do I plan to spend?

#4-How will I take care of it?

spanish paella pan

Let's get you some quick answers.

There are 3 main types of paella pans for sale in the American market: carbon steel, stainless steel and enameled steel.

Question #1- If you cook with gas stove either of the three types will work. That is a plus, because it will let you cook a perfect paella indoors, in your kitchen, all year round. But if you prefer the taste of paella cooked on firewood (which is perfectly understable), no worries, any of them will help you again. However, if you want to experience the concept of "arroz al horno", let us tell you that the enameled paella pan is probably the most oven friendly one. Only in the event that you are a ceramic, glass or induction guy, we'd need to recommend you looking for specific paella pans (with thicker and special buttom).

Question #2- If you only want this tool to cook paella, we recommend you the carbon steel paella pan. It's the most traditional and it will be maturing with the use and the time. On the other hand, if you need something more kind of daily stuff, go for stainless or enameled. You will use them for rice "a banda", fideua, "arroces caldosos"... Any paella rice recipe that doesn´t require a deep pan. Different types of rice need different types of cooking tools.

Question #3- Well, money talks. Carbon steel is the best price option. Together with stainlees, both are the most durable options. Enameled will need to be replaced more often.

Question #4- Enameled is easy to clean and maintain, dishwasher safe. Carbon steel is the one that requires more love, but it's probably the one that will give you more happy moments if you are a real paella lover. Check this video out to learn more about cleaning and maintenance:

And finally, #5, no matters what they say, size matters. The most used paella pan size is for a party of 6-8 people, with size between 14-16 inches. So think also about who you want to invite you over!

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