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Find best Spanish restaurants near me.

Popularity of Spanish restaurants in the US has been rocketing in the past five years. Not long time ago Spanish cuisine was not very well known here in the US and today, thanks to a group of chefs like Jose Andres and some TV shows we are everywhere. In our blog you'll find the best Spanish restaurants in Miami, NY or Las Vegas but also the best ones in Spain with Ferran Adria at the very top of them. You'll learn what are the new trends in Spanish food and ingredients. The new hot spots and much more. At Carmen and Lola we are  importers and distributors of Spanish food in the US since 2011. Based in Miami we serve thousands of restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in the South Florida area but we also ship daily hundreds of orders throughout the country to homes and professionals. From cheeses, to hams and cured meats, chorizo, seafood, vegetables, sweets, beverages and much more. Just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll probably have it. Discover Spain through Spanish food.  
  • Celebrate the 4th of July with the best paella in the USA

    We have prepared a very special offer for you this 4th of July. We want you to have the best paella in the USA. Seriously. That’s why we’ve set up a 20% off discount on all our paella-related products: ingredients and tools. No more excuses. Get ready to declare your independence from the local paella catering service. And in the meantime, let us introduce you to the guys who officially prepare the best paella in the USA. Have you heard about them?

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  • 10 coolest Spanish restaurants in the U.S

    The Spanish food exports trend keeps on growing, earning over 24 billion Euros in 2014. We are one of the world's top countries in olive oil and wine exports, while our most important chefs keep expanding their restaurants in the most sophisticated food destinations. Everybody is crazy about Spanish food. And personally, I think it’s about time. We Spaniards didn’t used to be as good at marketing compared to our French and Italian neighbors, but we finally learned our lesson and now we proudly see how the world enjoys what we do best: food. This new century has definitely brought times of glory to  Spanish food, and a group of vibrant, energetic people here in the U.S  came up with a different way of doing things. Check out this infographic with our selection of the 10 coolest Spanish restaurants in the U.S.

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  • Mercado de San Miguel Miami is here!

    Mercado de San Miguel Miami is here! For those who live in Miami it was becoming kind of an urban legend... We heard the rumors for long time. Well, it turns out that the rumors were finally true. Great opening was Sept. 27th and it's intended to be in Miami until January 2016. So you have enough time to come over. No excuses. Another good reason to visit us.

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  • How to survive Mexico: Spanish restaurants in Arizona

    You got your tickets for Superbowl 2015 or your grandma is turning 90 years. No matters what. You're traveling to Glendale, AZ. And you're already scared thinking about the overdose of tacos and burritos. Lost in The Valley of the Sun. In the Sonoran desert. Is there any hope for someone who wants scape to Mexican food there? I would say yes. There are some Spanish restaurants in Arizona trying to keep all the tradition alive. Bravo.

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  • Bocaito Miami, a small tasty bite of Spain in Coral Way

    Bocaito means small bite in Spanish. Dar un bocaito will be something really pleasant in Bocaito Miami, this restaurant located in Coral Way. Winner of Best Tapas by Miami New Times in 2011, the decoration and flavors will transport you to Spain in a blink of an eye. Antonio Huertas is his chef, 22 years working in Spanish food, he came to the US 2 years ago.

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  • Take him to the 3 best restaurants in Spain

    Taking him (or her) to the three best restaurants in Spain is really a big love proof. But make a reservation right now for #2 and #3. For first one? Ask one of your famous friend to do it for you. But a really famous one, like Brad Pitt, otherwise I'm afraid you'll need to wait until summer 2015. This is true, average waiting time for #2 and #3 is one month. Average waiting time for #1 is a year. The good news is we have more excellent restaurants to indulge yourself in this little Mediterranean corner. So don't worry anyway. Continue reading

  • Bon Picat, tapas with 100% Spanish products

    Cold and hot tapas, paellas, arroz negro, soups, meat, fish... Bon Picat is all about Spain in Doral, Miami. 100%. All the products are directly imported from Spain. Their philosophy is clear: any occasion is good to have tapas and to celebrate something. Because if we Spaniards are good at something, that is celebration. Bon Picat, in fact, means a good celebration in catalan, the language spoken in Barcelona and its region. Surprisingly, Juan and Mercedes are from Madrid. They opened the restaurant in 2008. Since then, Bon Picat is another gathering place in Miami for dealing with Spanish nostalgia.

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  • La Dorada Miami, best fresh Spanish seafood in town

    Shrimps from Málaga, chanquetes, deep sea lobsters from Motril, barnacles and spider crabs from Rías Baixas... Aren't you mouth watering yet? La Dorada Miami is that traditional place where you want to celebrate something big. Catch best Spanish seafood, tirar la casa por la ventana as we say. Domingo Gandara 44 years committed to Spanish food,  is the president. He came from Ponteareas (Galicia) 28 years ago and he was the first Hispanic in Miami to be awarded because of his highest levels of food and service.

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  • Tapas Benidorm Miami, a new concept to taste Spain

    Tapas Benidorm in Brickell

    Tapas Benidorm Miami is a modern, urban Spanish restaurant in the heart of Brickell, the business center of Miami. The name comes from Benidorm, a holiday town with the highest skyline of all Mediterranean coast. Even you're looking for something formal or informal, this is a new concept to taste Spain. You can find 2 special tasting menus, daily happy hour from Monday-Friday, tapas y raciones, wide wine selection... And behind all of this, a chef who came to the US 26 years ago, Florián Tomás.

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  • Brisa de España, 20 years of paella and more

    Looking for a loaded seafood paella? Brisa de España, a veteran Spanish restaurant in Doral, is your place. Paella here is abundant, rich, luxurious. Even lobster, Valenciana or seafood, all are one of the most demanded meals in this spacious Spanish corner in Miami. Ángel Santibáñez is the general manager, a man with more than 20 years of experience in Spanish food. He is from Cáceres, an old historical town in Extremadura, middle Spain, close to the border with Portugal. He is living in the US for 45 years.

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