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Spanish food

Spanish food. All you need to know about it.

Have you ever wondered why everybody is talking about Spanish food these days?. In our blog you'll find why: products, recipes, restaurants, chefs and much more. Find all you ever wanted to know about Jamon, Spanish cheeses or the best seafood you can imagine. Discover the new Spanish restaurants in the US, the most avant-garde chefs and why everybody travels to Spain to discover our rich and assorted gastronomy. Travel through the Spanish regions from the best-known Andalusia to less common ones like Asturias or Murcia. We are importers and distributors of Spanish food in the US since 2011. Based in Miami we serve thousands of restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in the South Florida area but we also ship daily hundreds of orders throughout the country to homes and professionals. From cheeses, to hams and cured meats, chorizo, seafood, vegetables, sweets, beverages and much more. Just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll probably have it. Discover Spain and Spanish food and you won't try anything else.
  • 10 Benefits of green olives

    You should be eating 7 Mediterranean olives a day.

    Continue reading
  • Spanish seafood: Let’s go the beach!

    Boquerones, anchovies, octopus and more hidden treasures

    We’re in vacations! In Spain Augusts means vacation and Spaniards tend to go to the beach or do recreational outdoor activities. We are taking the opportunity to have an incredible promo for the season! 3x2 in all our Seafood and Fish section! What perfect timing, right? Continue reading

  • Celebrate the summer with the best Spanish chorizo and Sausages

    We all know what 4th of July means! Yes, we celebrate Independence Day and thank all who serve our country. However, we also know that during the holiday and the weekends for the next two months BBQs are made everywhere! Continue reading

  • Frequently asked questions about Mediterranea Seawater

    We know there are few doubts about these wonderful products. In this opportunity we want to clear up all questions and help you make the best decision at the time of your purchase. First thing is that in Spain Mediterranea Seawater is considered as la sal perfecta, which means the perfect salt. It’s not pure coincidence that it’s known by that name, actually the benefits that they provide to your health are extremely good and important. Continue reading

  • Tortas Ines Rosales: Tradition and Flavor

    Ines Rosales Tortas have their own history. They were created in 1910 by a woman named, can you guess? Ines Rosales! It would be obvious to state all the success they have had since their creation. The secret of it is the way they are made. At first, Ines Rosales made these Olive Oil Tortas by hand; nevertheless they still to today! They do so to maintain their tradition and origins. Continue reading

  • Let’s eat some white anchovies (boquerones)

    If you don’t know what white anchovies are, perhaps you’ll be surprised to know that maybe you have tasted them on top of a delicious pizza. Yes, on a pizza. They’re a common ingredient because they add a salty and unique flavor to it. Anchovies are a small, common salt-water forage fishes of the family Engraulidae. Continue reading

  • Quince or Membrillo: Let’s talk about it!

    Have you heard about Membrillo or Quince before? Maybe you have tasted Quince jelly, but do you know the benefits of this amazing fruit? Keep reading and learn all about it!

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  • All you need to know about Mediterranean Seawater

    We’re excited to announce that this week we also have some new products coming to our website! This time we are introducing some great products by Mediterranean Seawater. Continue reading

  • Throwback to Cola Cao creation

    There is so much to know about Cola Cao! You see, this is not only the most famous chocolate drink in Spain, but it also has a history that inspires us to overcome the adversities!Most of you know it is the easiest and fastest way to have a good hot chocolate on your table…. but do you know when and why it was created? Keep reading to find out!

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  • Have a sweet day with Nocilla

    February is considered the sweetest month of the year, why is that? Well, because we have Valentine’s Day and practically everything is about chocolate. So, there’s no better way to end this month than with the exquisite Spanish Nutella, Nocilla. Continue reading

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