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Places in Spain

Spain travel. From Seville to Barcelona.

Learn all you need to know about the best places in Spain. Traditions, History, Art and, of course, food. Our country is one of the most amazing places to visit. We have a great history that goes back many centuries, some of the most important buildings and art masterpieces ever created, beeautiful landscapes, small towns to get lost, wine regions and of course one of the most diverse and interesting cuisines in the World. In our blog we'll discover for you the secrets of many Spanish regions, cities and towns. Tips for enjoying your next trip to Spain or for knowing a little bit more of its culture, people or food. At Carmen and Lola we are  importers and distributors of Spanish food in the US since 2011. Based in Miami we serve thousands of restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in the South Florida area but we also ship daily hundreds of orders throughout the country to homes and professionals. From cheeses, to hams and cured meats, chorizo, seafood, vegetables, sweets, beverages and much more. Just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll probably have it. We, as Spaniards, are proud of our country and History. Let us discover it for you!
  • The great Feast of Santiago

    July 25 is a very special day in Spain, especially in Galicia were the Spaniards celebrate the annual Feast of Saint James! The city is one of the most emblematic in Spain and, whenever you visit, you can be sure to see many pilgrims who have taken the Camino de Santiago.

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  • Getting ready for Easter

    Easter is right around the corner and we thought that it would be a great idea to tell you a bit more about this tradition in Spain and other parts of the world. What for? Well, because then you are going to be able to make exquisite Spanish meals and desserts by the time Easter arrives! It’s never too late to learn new things, especially if it involves cooking! Continue reading

  • Spanish traditions in New Year ’s Eve

    2016 is coming to an end, New Year’s Eve is almost here! What are you planning to do that day? Are you gathering with family and friends? Are you kissing someone at midnight? Well, these are simple traditions that are commonly done in New Year. But, have you considered doing something different? How about mixing the Spanish culture and tradition to celebrate the end of this magical year? Continue reading

  • Cadiz: The best Seafood of Spain

    The province of Cadiz, in Spain is very diverse. There are regions there that deserve to be visited, from the countryside of ‘Jerez de la Frontera’ to the villages in the ‘Campo de Gibraltar’. Or also a tour through the white villages and, why not, just relaxing somewhere on the coast from ‘Tarifa’ to ‘Sanlúcar de Barrameda’. Continue reading

  • 5 must-eat at a Chiringuito

    Well, first we need to define what a Chiringuito is so we are all on the same page. A chiringuito is a small business, usually a bar, selling mainly drinks and tapas; sometimes meals in a more or less provisional building. In Spain, it is a kiosk or bar near the beach or any tourist place outdoors where you can enjoy the best Spanish foods! But, this time we are going to guide you to 5 meals you definitely can’t miss out! Continue reading

  • Tarta de Santiago at Saint James of Compostela

    Every 25th of July, Spain celebrates Santiago of Compostela Day or better known as the annual Feast of Saint James in Galicia. Besides being known as the place of ‘Camino de Santiago’, it is also a unique cultural place declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Santiago is full of typical and exquisite gastronomy. However, the popular ‘Tarta de Santiago’ is preferred among all those Spanish foods. Do you want to know how to prepare this delicious Spanish dessert?

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  • Best Spanish drinks

    Summer in Spain is synonym of heat… but REAL heat!... There’s no denying that it is the perfect weather to be with friends or simply going with family on vacations after a long and cold winter… Here we’ll help you with the most popular and ideal Spanish Drinks to accompany your Spanish meals this summer:

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  • Vegetable preserves and running the bulls.

    Vegetable preserves and running the bulls that's all you need to know today. Every year thousands of Pamploneses (natives of Pamplona) and visitors, dress from head to toe in the traditional immaculate white clothing with red handkerchiefs around their necks,  to fill the streets of Pamplona and celebrate the week of festivities in honor of San Fermin known as ‘Los Sanfermines’.  Want to know more about this Fiesta?... Keep on reading ;)

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  • Best Spanish Fiestas 2016 Infographics

    Anything in mind for your summer vacation? How does touring Spain from fiesta to fiesta sound? It’s a great way to get to know Spanish tradition at its best: food, drinks, music, history… If you are lucky enough to go to Spain this year, save these names. If not, enjoy the ride from here with this Best Spanish Fiestas 2016 Infographics.

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  • San Sebastian Cultural Capital: a place to eat happily

    You will be happy (and eat happily) in San Sebastian. The jewel of the Cantabrian Sea is the 2016 Cultural Capital of Europe. San Sebastian always tastes phenomenal, but this year, it also smells like culture. Combine great food, festivals, art, and the amazing landscape and the result is something you don't want to miss. San Sebastian Cultural Capital is definitely he perfect getaway for your summer vacation.

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