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Paella. All you need to know.

Paella is probably the most know dish of Spanish cuisine. Everyone knows what it is but just a few know how to cook it. In our blog posts, we'll teach you all you need to know about it: types of rice and ingredients used, the differences between mild and smoked paprika, why spanish saffron is so important (and expensive). What is a paella pan or burner and how to use them. Recipes for traditional paella valenciana, but also for seafood or vegetarian ones. Discover also in our website the kits we have for starters or pro's. Learn why we are the most important distributor of Spanish ingredients in Miami and how can we help you at home or at your business. We as importers of Spanish food in the US since 2011, know what you need for all your Spanish recipes with the best prices online. Wholesale prices and packages available. Just ask us and let us discover for you the magic of our great and unique Spanish cuisine.
  • Paella spices: bigger than ever!

    Time to talk about one of the essential ingredients for your paella: spices!

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  • New Spanish Rice to make an exquisite Paella!

    Thinking about making paella these days? Well, we have some exciting news! Now, you will be able to pick the best rice to make a delicious paella. The only thing you have to do is to visit our website and take a look at them, just pick your favorite. Continue reading

  • Free Paella Kit!. No Kidding.

    Buy any Spanish food ingredients and get a paella kit for free.

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  • Paella:The truth about it

    All you need to know for your paella recipes

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  • Have you heard of Paprika before?.

    Spices, something most of you recognize. Just in case you don’t know much about them, which we think it’s not possible, spices are used for flavoring, coloring and preserving food. Some spices are ground into powder for convenience and others have antimicrobial properties; bet you didn’t know about that, eh?!

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  • If you are eating Paella, you should follow these steps

    How to eat Paella in Spain

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  • Nora peppers. The magic touch for your paella!

    A secret paella ingredient?

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  • Different types of rice around the world

    March is Fallas month in Spain, a traditional fiesta in Valencia, the land of the paella. During this fiesta, paella is enjoyed day and night. You can see people in the streets cooking and eating it. If you are crazy about rice, you definitely should experience this fiesta at least once. And if you are crazy about rice, you should also know what the different types of rice are around the world. Check your expertise with our quick guide to the most common types of rice.

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  • Spanish paella or "rice with things"? How is the real paella?

    Once more, the debate is here. A real paella can mix meat and seafood? A real paella can be done with a different rice thanCalasparra type? A real paella can be made for somebody who is not from Valencia? Questions, questions and more questions, and the answer is not always easy. This time the debate is caused by a summer ad in the Spanish TV. A famous national beer brand puts together a group of hipster, beautiful young people in a beautiful rural place (rural seems to be hipster now, too), having a big party. They look like preparing a huge paella, but wait a moment... what is that? What are they doing? Meat with seafood??? Oh my God! And here is when Spanish paella defenders shake their heads...

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  • An Authentic Paella Valenciana

    We hope you enjoy this authentic paella valenciana. We certainly had a lot of fun making the how to video. Traditionally you eat paella with a wooden spoon. Generally some rice sticks to the bottom of the paella pan, this is called socarrat, and for many this is the best part.

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