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Manchego and Spanish cheese

Spain is not just Manchego.

Manchego is the most important cheese from Spain. We know that, but do you know that Spain is, with France and Italy, the country in the World with most cheese DO's and types of cheese?. You can find cheese almost in all Spanish regions. You can find big and artisan producers, sheep, goat or cow's cheeses, aged, young, blue...just think of any cheese and we'll have it. Here in the US you can easily find Manchego, Mahon, Murcia al Vino or Tetilla but there are hundreds more. We have those famous ones for you but we also work with small farmers and producers and bring their cheeses here to the US. We are importers and distributors of Spanish food in the US since 2011. Based in Miami we serve thousands of restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in the South Florida area but we also ship daily hundreds of orders throughout the country to homes and professionals. From cheeses, to hams and cured meats, chorizo, seafood, vegetables, sweets, beverages and much more. Just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll probably have it. If you are looking for any cheese recipes or recommendations, just read our blog and you'll find out all the secrets about Spanish cheese.
  • Let’s have cheese fondue for Father’s Day!

    Father’s Day is around the corner! What a better way to spend this day with plenty of food to share with the family? Especially if you can have food to dip in a delicious cheese fondue!

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  • Manchego Cheese: a bit of History

    It’s time to go back in time and learn a little bit more about this exquisite cheese, the Manchego. First, Manchego has one of the most valuable history and heritage of cheeses. This Spanish unique cheese is made exclusively from whole milk of the Manchega sheep. The breed of sheep is raised exclusively in La Mancha region and it has been that way since ancient times.  Continue reading

  • Spanish Cheeses: how are they made?

    It is said that 90% of the world’s population loves cheese….and we’re not upset about it, because cheese is simply the best thing to eat. If we could, we would probably eat it every second of the day. Continue reading

  • Cheese …cheeses all the way from Spain!

    We bet you knew that there is more than one type of cheese, right? But, do you know how to differentiate the taste of each Spanish cheese? Do you know where and how to use them?

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  • Spanish names in the World Cheese Awards

    It’s like the Oscars of cheeses, but tastes better. The World Cheese Awards are promoted by The Guild of Fine Food, a British organization founded in 1995 to promote excellence in fine food and drink. The Guild always supports independent producers. While we await the 2016 Awards (which, by the way, will be in San Sebastian at the end of the year) we want to share with you the Spanish names that triumphed in the last edition.

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  • Five best Spanish cheeses

    Spain is a big cheese producer country. It's not easy to tell which are the five best Spanish cheeses. There are different factors that determine such statement. I've been googling and this is what I found out after my research. This is a list of five best Spanish cheeses based on other opinion lists found on Internet. I agree with the result, and I highly recommend you to start with this 5 cheeses if you want to know more about Spanish cheeses.

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  • All you should know about Spanish cheese

    Yes, we Spanish people not only eat jamón every day. Cheese, too. And if you ever tried one unforgettable Spanish cheese, you know why. Spanish cheese come in different sizes, shapes and above all, flavors. We have 26 name-controlled cheeses. Not bad, right? I think it's time to learn some interesting things you should know about Spanish cheese. Ready?

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  • Juan Carlos Martínez, Tres leches cheese maker: "I came back to my roots"

    Tres leches cheese is a bloomy-rind, creamy and mild cheese, made with cow, goat and sheep milk, which makes it so unique. It's manufactured in a little family dairy in the heart of Picos de Europa, in Camaleño. This is an isolated mountain area in North Spain, with a deep cheese making tradition. Juan Carlos was born in this region, compared in beauty with the Alps, and here is where he lives and works, with his wife and 2 kids.

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  • Anita Gonzalez, Vare cheese maker: "my husband bought 25 goats 20 years ago"

    Vare cheese is something unique, an outstanding farmhouse cheese. Made in a region where most cheeses are produced with cow's milk, Vare cheese is not. This is the story of Anita and his husband, who bought 25 goats 20 years ago: "We chose Murciana goats for their high quality milk. We started trying and trying and we made it! Today we use the milk of 300 goats". Definitely, goats are the star in this green piece of land hidden in the middle of Asturias, that beautiful green and blue region in north Spain.

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  • San Simon cheese maker Javier Piñeiro: "my cheese brings memories from old wood stoves"

    "My cheese brings memories from the old wood-burning stoves, when food was prepared with the heat of the flames" says Javier Piñeiro, "At least that is what my customers say. When they eat a piece of San Simon cheese, they can smell the aroma of a time gone by." Javier and Sonia live and work in San Simon da Costa, a small town in Galicia, in the north of Spain. They still use birch wood to smoke the cheese. They believe that the tradition is something important to preserve.

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