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Jamon, Jamon.

Jamon, (or ham in English) is without any doubt the masterpiece of Spanish cuisine. The best ham in the World with three different qualities, Serrano, Iberico and Bellota. All of them different but all delicious and unique.  Our best advice is take your time to get to know all of them. Learn about the differences between Serrano ham vs prosciutto, or what is a real Spanish Iberico ham. Try them all and you will feel all the magic involved in the process: the curing method, the carving art, the way of serving it. Learn all about this super product with so much history and art around it. Learn why in Spain we are so proud about it and why it is the Spanish food ambassador. Lear why it is so healthy and why it is so related to Mediterranean diet. It's unique, it's history, it's unrivalled, it's just.. Spanish Ham.

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