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Tarta de Santiago at Saint James of Compostela

Every 25th of July, Spain celebrates Santiago of Compostela Day or better known as the annual Feast of Saint James in Galicia. Besides being known as the place of ‘Camino de Santiago’, it is also a unique cultural place declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Santiago is full of typical and exquisite gastronomy. However, the popular ‘Tarta de Santiago’ is preferred among all those Spanish foods. Do you want to know how to prepare this delicious Spanish dessert?

Santiago’s Tart or tarta de Santiago is a very typical cake in the area of Galicia. It is characterized for its rich, tasty, spongy and mouth-melting taste.

The preparation of this cake is not as complicated as it sounds. Follow these 5 steps and you will be able to prepare it in no time as if you were in Santiago!



8.8 oz. of sugar

1 lemon

5 eggs

powdered sugar



  1. Preheat oven to 340 °F.
  1. Separate the yolks from the egg whites, and leave them (egg whites) in a bowl. Pour the sugar with the egg whites; beat them well, until taking them take them to the well-known point of snow. Then, add almonds, cinnamon and grated lemon skin. Beat everything gently taking care of the mixture.
  1. Grease the mold you want to use for the cake with butter or olive oil, or you can put paper for baking. Pour the mixture that you have prepared and expand it around the mold.
  1. Put in the oven for about 50 minutes until it’s done. Check from time to time how it is doing by pricking it with a knife.
  1. When it’s ready, then we only need the decoration. Therefore, put in the center of the cake a piece of paper that simulate the cross of Santiago of Compostela, sprinkle the powdered sugar as you want, and finally remove the paper.

The recipe of tarta de Santiago has an unknown origin. There isn’t any known fact of almonds consumption in Galicia during the Middle Ages: but we can say is that it was known as a luxury that very few persons could allow! … How Fancy!

If you want to enjoy this Santiago of Compostela cake as if you were really sitting in Galicia, you must prepare it during July and the first week of August; this is when it is mostly eaten it in those lands.

Ok, you already have the dessert… but, have you thought what else can you prepare in this holiday?

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Happy St. James of Compostela Day!

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